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shut up. Cant believe that this was 4-5 years ago­ R. 1 like 1 pray for Dusty Depot Actualmente si vas con el caballero negro te hacen bulling de que eres manco XD Bruh i get 3 kills then i die in the storm this game is corrupt ong Only 90s kids remember Tomato Town Edit: only who born in 19th century remeber dusty depot and im one of them :) Bro session 1 and 2 when everyone was trash and the map was amazing shotguns worked and the music was nice those were the days Old 1800 kids will remember sniper pumps Only 80s kids will remember no named dusty depot Son uva digger Fan I dont rly care about that one XD Lol ­ dusty depot is not an og location Only 90s kids will remember gray pump and purple tac Ishandeep Singh I joined in Season 1, ive watched him for a long time, to Shroud Spencer FFA I talk to ya later ,you are playing?

You got my vote lol that bar was super slick Dakotaz man you can rap who said you cant out of 10 I would rate it 11 Dakotaz the people who talk about your snipes are trasss you are a GOD You killed it whatchu talking bout on stream that was fire Dakotaz you were the best definitly. Makaylah jo yeah! Nice to see you back at the game. I hope i am not the only one who got hyped when he found a golden scar in season 1-2 Omg that was the best rap I heard ever.

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