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Fortnite is still fun you just gotta find the fun in Fortnite and if you dont find the fun then thats just that, so he is addicted to his job, you just find it and move on with your day instead of getting so excited over a scar lol Lol I still get so hyped about having a scar, its such a magical moment Thats why, and well, mobile wasnt hard it was fun, you must be the master keyboard warrior Controller is way easier than keyboarding?

POV you miss the old days so you came back to see and miss them may the rest now Best seasons of fortnite This just shows how lost epic games are with this primal season all they had to do was bring back the old map and unvault it into og fortnight and it would of got everyone playing again now in this primal season theres not even snipers rifles epic is lost need to go back to the start My personal solo record is 7 in solo and i was number f n 2 MbondiYT yeah its not like its still there haha Link But why call me shit I never did anything to you, I am going to try and defend the game that makes me money, defaulty days for me at least Those were the good times my guy, when the tactical shotgun was epic.

( nostalgia) Am i the only one that just have the lyrics flow back to me and i know the whole song within 30 seconds of remembering it When the people didnt depend there life on the game good times Anyone else get goosebumps because of the nostalgia still coming back. So fun watching you dudes play. good times I almost cried tears of nostalgia and these were THE GOOD OLD GLORY DAYS whenever my friend said I FOUND A GOLD SCAR Ah, and to play with my lil step brother whos 10 because he likes it.

All the replies are so toxic. Its socially tremendous, some androids like Google pixels and Samsung galaxies are so much better then iPhones that it isnt even funny, only up to blue raritys.

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