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But now that I started a comment I have to say that I do miss the times back in the day when the game was somewhat good The two things i miss the most are the OG mao and the OG lobbyOG lobby music You forgot lazy links that was my favorite place to land נ WCC Vibez, one of the two. I think ceez was the best Ayyyyeeee my boy CDNTHE3RD killllled it lets goooo boy fortnite can talk shit bc he is the best Listen at 1. The first chicks verse was good asf tbh. Its kinda nostalgic tho. The best song גן¸גן¸גן¸ננננננננננננ 2 months and this will be 4yrs old wtffff Whos here after sweats ruined fortnite Dam I miss Ceez this is when life was just fun I know this whole song 4 years later Who else misses the good old days when fortnite was still relevant.

I only play creative נ Same here man, the true competitive FN players dont sweat in public matches?

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