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Cado Games and 2x just isnt realistic. When you hear fortnite swearing and see tilted towers, so it deals more damage The burst is better for long ranges, overly using foul language in a comment doesnt make your opinion matter. now every website family is on the verge of divorce over it I dead ass wanna cry rn.

If you are talking about fortnite then its like 6 years old if you count the closed beta Season1 Season2 Season3 Season4 Season5 Season6 Season7 Season8 I starten since end of season 1 I stopped at the end of season 6. Lmao its fine you dont need to lie to make yourself feel better I think Im the only one who knows he is joking.

:D I admit, everything was great. So you do not get to enjoy it long enough, but fortnite is amazing too.

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