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Im starting to get better though. Idek why Im here watching fortnite but I knew when fortnite became so popular that it was gonna downfall. I just genuinely cried watching this thinking of all the friends and good times 4 years old man, on XboxOne Im the 20th of the World PHANTOM.

Me too man when it was season 4 i was just a noob man ahh i miss the old time man I started playing after dipping it in season 9 its good again Season 1-9 was good, thats it :) He has Naruto is his name, havnt played this game since the marshmello update (season 6 or 7 I think) I stopped playing since season 7. fortnite was like the worst his voice doesnt fit i kinda agree with fabyl but i liked ceez the best LennyMan3 No. Yeah but Icyfive was stream sniping there was website on IcyFives channel stream sniping him and Lupo.

Go watch someone like fitz they even give racial and homophobic comments for jokes.

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