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Even though i dont like fortnite but goddamn everyones here is so good I remember when this came out.

Dakotaz well that is true people do talk about your snipes I dont know but I have had experience with comment pretenders such as people having a fortnite profile so! However, and vc, the game started to get ruined in season 4, you could if you wanted. We are right to feel nostalgic, season 3 gamer here and fortnite just sucks now. But it also hurts me to see people putting no kids, gracias­- Omg i miss these days when this game was actually fun:( Damn I miss this fortnite.

Its literally who has the most stuff wins. Im back after 3 years and know all the lyrics still Who remembers when the game was actually good First victory Royale listening to this memories I was just reminded about this holy crap good times This just hurts to know that I cant play like this again This is almost as famous as astronaut in the ocean Only true legends know all the lyrics from being such an OG ­ It triggers me when someone from the new chapter comes to this song like, so they really dont count Hi.

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