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Boss gamer is that supposed to be a roast I am just happy that i remebered this song Man this was the best song in the good times­ Im happy that I got to play in the ogs times Joey Florent I remeber when there was no tilted Im not liking but I remember renegade rader Every body remembers the loot lake house bet you think that tilted towers was always in the map Ikr it was here in season 5 and thats not OG llol John Altankhuyag he didnt even ask for likes smh Thats not og so im mot liking your comment last time anyone saw was season 5 John Altankhuyag yeah it was destroyed in season 6 but it wasnt removed intill season 7 Remember the mine, science.

3 years later still remember the lyrics Ye the marshmallow one. I was bad and im so good I can crank 90s and stuff Like my father said if you dont improved dont blame the others, the nostalgia, work.

enlighten yourself lad. Gracias fortnite por darnos buenos momentos, and after season 3 chapter 2 it was just all promos, I miss those simple times with the boys Rapping is so good that in fortnite I use a cheat to win fortnite!!!!!!!, oh the good ol days!

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