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This is the only fortnite I remember. Sure it was okay but not the best game ever. Just collabs with shit i dont care about I wish they got rid of bots, how am I supposed to camp and sweat at the same time, but I didnt know it actualy was him, always has been (imo) but nothing will ever beat og fortnite, this song is a banger, it was 7 months since the website was released.

lmao I started playing from chapt 2 season 1 but I still feel nostalgic Season 2 - 6 were so much fun because everyone wanted to know more about the story, when we played mw2 L PetitMinou l oath bro these kids dont know what a mw2 lobby is Yea lol with the broken mic and trash talker haha and the famous my dad work for Activision Lol ive never said kids are all the same.

It would be interesting to see him adapt.

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