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your snipes are Amazing. People just got better The fortnite community destroyed it not Epic Epic made some pretty shitty decisions but majority of the downfall was because players got a lot better and it wasnt fun anymore No Bring back the old map and old building styles and no turbo build and remove creative They never should have adder creative or playground thats when people starten tryharding builds and they never should have Made fortnite comp No make it comp but plz take out creative like these ppl spend 8 hours a day on a school day playing.

Alxander Spetz Alxander Spetz lmao I play on the same shit except worse! The other people have evidence to back up their claim. Um i wasnt hateing bud i was just saying that i like apex better so yeah I was not hateing I like the Dakotaz part because of his soothing deep voice Jesus this song is god damn amazing, Brazil loves you too This should be a regular squad.

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