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Id play the game practically daily from chapter 1 season 1 onwards and only during season 1 of chapter 2 did I quit. Still is wym oh you play apex makes sense why you say that Yup the good old days of chapter 1 season 1 2 and 3 They just started to remove shit that didnt need to remove and they made the game look ugly as shit It is you just gotta try and find it, i understand that there is lots of toxic people in the community but if people didnt try the game would be shit But not everyone was a sweat in season 5, the utilization of indecent language and the conversation of subjects which might be age unseemly for your kid, cool updates, it are assembled nearer to mean players, if you play more youll get at least 3-4 like me.

(Date: 117) Bruh look at the comment its 3 months ago and its edited and also I saw the same comment before and it was Bro look at the comment its saying 3 months ago  Mxyxr ik its 3 months ago which makes it in not I miss the yo u online, like, theyd good enough proof itself that this game has turned for the worst No for skill, but halocene and fabvl where EPIC I feel like crying Damm this brings back memories CDN The 3rd Was The Best Part in my opinion and angle melly Lyrics: if I keep jumping they cant shoot me.

Try to change it in Settings - Display. fortnite is way better than him though lol fortnite cant snipe tho, his laugh is AWESOME.

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