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you dont know anything about me people in my family died of cancer and i hate it when people joke of it Understandable! 2:04 he definitely wasnt paying enough attention How did you become so good at fortnite I love how you got 32 kills that was so cool dude And I thought the 14 solo kills I posted on my channel were the shit damn fortnite you really are god at this game Take 100 and cry.

I know I used to say why do they say fortnite is dying and now I realised I started chapter 2 season 1 on March one season after chapter 1 I started back in october when my friend mark showed me the game - fotnaite Jesus died and rose for us. Cuddle Team leader Ive seen you comment on other website Never knew him till this but his part is fire Monty xii you should watch him too, first 4 season was really memories It was 3 years ago its crazy how fast its been No matter what changes they do.

Miss the og pumpkin launcher and when tilted got added? Shroud- Ok There was way more drop on the bolt back then He wouldnt have 23 of his kills if he got no RPG He probably wouldnt have that much kills if he didnt have an rpg (miss old fortnite) Cant believe how much this game has changed.

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