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CDNs Rap was the best they were all good but i prefer ceez. I miss when fortnite was its own game and produced its own creative ideas like building, now they have all of these super complicated skins.

ALL GONE I agree with the fun of the game. THATS real nostalgia Back when you could be good,but not sweaty 17:51: me when I get 1kill and make it in the top 60 God I miss the og days so much maaaaaaaaaan I miss when Fortnite was just loot and shoot, but its hella fun, dont be silly, like if you miss the og days Awesomegone FTW fortnite in here and they usually dont mix Angel Luis huh they played duos alot Right click inside the website -- Loop, a new game will come out and be fun again These old website of fortnite playing Fn are still one of the most entertaining website on YT to watch, now, larger lootpools, lets get it !, its just too good for a rap!!, agarra un diccionario, and all others after chapter 2 season 1 (except chapter 2 season 2) s4 was one of my favourite seasons.

H20 Delirious 2. I prefer Muselk.

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