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They can change the settings how it used to be and the settings made people good at the game and custom builds all that No matter what they do, shit went down hill and Fortnite lost what made it special. I thought that too for like 2 months, this is actually sad compared to other website with more views from other years This website got me started with fortnite one year ago and here I am 1 year later(week 4 Season 7) bringing back old memories just by watching this website Marksman can get 20 kills you only got 19, its still a good game?

Gaming With Destroyer oof, the Son of God: 1, nothing against them for being good lol When I was playing I was like a little kid and people would call me if squeaker FYI it doesnt bother me anymore I dont think that there was no toxicity back then but yeah Jesus Chavez yeah I started playing this game when I was 10 back in Chapter 1 season 3. fabvl. I miss reall fortnite When tilted was a thing Im gonna cry I know ur rlly good but 32 kills thats gotta be a record I can barely get any kill Wasted that big pot at 5:50.

Playin hide and seek, cant wait to see more fortnite content bro.

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