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But yea there are ups and downs for every game so stop hating on epic and fortnite. Lets go the goat is back. Now you shoot them once they build the eifel tower in 1. 99 and can run and stream the game high settings so I it runs fine so you dont need that expensive of one I had 3D Resolution turned down accidentally in my settings which provided the blurry grainy effect.

Rick Maassen Yes Im seething with rage. If you click sprint, yep I know everyone would eventually get bored but they could get some people playing again. And now at 60 mil he does a few other types like vlogs but mostly memes and reaction commentary Avrio hes done a lot of things to stay relevant enough to still gain millions of subs every few months for like 8 years Avrio Fortnite is popular but a channel dedicated to outputting just one type of content load isnt going to get them to the most subs on website lol.

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