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IREKi Its grammatically correct to write ÔI am SpanishÔ Obey Ezaf Im hella confused of who your beef is with bro. This is probably the most legit Fortnite rap Ive heard­­­­­­H2O Delirious for the win!!!?

fortnite killed me during this game and tbh Im honored ­­­ Hola soy argentino auque no entienda a fortnite por el idioma las partidas son divertidas When the common pump did 220 smog and now legendary pump doesnt do that much Omg I miss this so much, became friends and all that, I thought I was the only one who likes his voice And the sub machine gun Edit: not tactical regular Only 90s kids will remember when dusty and salty werent even named locations Jose Gonzalez Only 90s kids will remember when you could carry 5 big shields Thought that was I 80s kids kinda thing Battle royal didnt come out in the 90s Shane Moulton no ones the best at the game, WORLD HAS CHANGED SO MUCH, its just in case you want to read the lyrics on your own thempo, the teacher used to let us do our work.

OG days were 1-3 but i know what u mean lol! Season 5 was the last good season I remember i was so hyped about fortnite being in this. The timing of weapon swapping is faster as compared to the pump animation.

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