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Can i repost with credit of course NerdOut! Youre a killing machine. Its still a really popular game with many players. IS THIS YOUR VERSION OF YOURSELF AS A TOTALITERIAN DICTATOR ELM ELL GEE!!. Its nice to not have sweats on you every game FR i remember listening this with the boys 3 years ago i remember the exact conversation sadly i dont have the boys anymore its just not the same I watched this 3 years ago.

fortnite is the biggest hypocrite ever Well yeah he just took them into other but its like one sound i couldnt figure who said the worda untill i watched this Daegos Im kind of mad but it is your opinion and opinions matter Daegos I would be mad because I have a different taste in music and I like this song and Im trying to be as respectful to your opinion as I can JeanThe King wtf are u talking about Ik.

they act like kings when they kill someone but when they get killed they break their computer then go on Twitter to complain while crying like a baby.

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