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Back when the game was actually good Seeing fortnite pull out that brownie made my day Mannn seeing that purple tac brings back so many memories ננ This website is a certified hood classic Who is watching this because we miss the old fortnite I remember when fortnite first blew up, scar noises.

Welp dude if you dont feel the same move to another game thats the thingbut also makes me laugh cuz I cant believe we were singing this for our school talent show LMAO Greasy Grove,Tilted Towers,Lucky Landing, sweats doing quad edits its not how the game was and never will be the same again I wish I could go back and play it again I played in season 1 it was so fun probably the best game Ive ever played back in the old days I loved the pump and tac and landing at the prison I wish theyd bring the old sounds back so badly Same bro but look at it now since you made this comment Tyson Hamblin kids be trying so hard when they are 1 hp.

the fact is i miss the old graphics and sound effects? Theres a fanboy in his natural habitat. I love to se Fortnite enjoying the game again.

I think angelmelly but dakotaz is my best fortnite player cause Im good with snipe and so is he UnitedFade I liked angelmelly but her lyrics werent good Luke Barrett yup and h2o was amazing to Halocene was bad! Ephesians 2: 8 9 7.

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