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MrRuss58 nah its just whoever is donating 100 is rich so to them its whatever Emerald well he does get donated a lot I think it was because fortnite was concentrating when the 100 donation came up more then when a 8 donation happened Bootymeats same for those who liked just because of the play of words ­ He treats all donations the same which is good Heaven Or Hell what are you saying. I remember watching a stream by Dakotaz and he was talking about the lyrics hed use before it was uploaded!

My friends would try get me on the game but I would just refuse lmao, like bring the old things back and maybe more people will spend money and play this game more often Para los que quieren el saber el nombre de la cancion de cuando le donan si ponen en website dollars les aparece se llama i need no se que Bro Cmn got 1200 dollar not even a thanks Lilpriorr fax Im tearing up watching this Por fin alguien que abla espa├ol­ Jos t├Şp I need a dollar - Aloe Blac Jos t├Şp jajaa alguien ablando espa├ol aki Jordi lopez madre mia que bien escribes tio ­­­­­­­­ Mr, its a fact.

Also theres people who have skins but arent good at playing Wizard Wizard ÔprofessionalÔ lmfao no HYPE HD more damage if u have rlly good aim He said he likes he feeling of the burst in stream HYPE HD the burst is my favorite I take a rare burst over an epic scar anyday but thats cuz Im literally a god with a burst HYPE HD it triggered me when i seen him leave that blue ar for the burst Burst best weapon in the game dont me HYPE HD The burst fires 3 shots quicker than the AR which makes it a good weapon to juggle the pump shotgun with.

If you are adamant on returning the item in exchange of a refund, no one liked her part, hes saying its cool how there were seven left and hekilled all of the others 30 million views.

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