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He just doesnt live in the tsm house Pro Tamilan - Daily Fortnite website no there is no TSM-kondziu Dont let the enemy see me when im hiding Silencer on the pistol, rebootingÔ the golden age of fortnite If fortnite played how he does today he could of easily dropped a 60 bomb, my ears bled listening to this, whats your point Furiousgaming hes a hundred tiers above everyones level.

Much better (Especially H20s verse). Sometimes I dont play on some days bcs I take breaks. P The fun of the game LONG LIVE THE MEMORYS Only ogs are still listening to this banger Ha comming back with tears ­ miss these times fortnite rap song­­­­­­­­­­ Yes I am the best player in fortnite I used to be now i cant play cause my ps4 gone Black knight renegade raider purple skulltrooper.

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