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Your friends and your want to be Ogs cause your grade 3 Skill based gameplay is still ear and thriving with everybody getting better at building SOOOO TRUUUUE BRINGG BACCCKKK THHHEE TACCCC SMMMG WCC Vibez and the sad thing is your missing a lot of stuff­ Its Silent just wanted to get the main stuff lmao Idk about you but im having a lot of fun this season O say can you see by the dawns EARLY light what so proudly we hailed. Good ol days LolbitGaming76 exactly Im not a 9 year old American kid who thinks hes good but Them lot are complaining about it to much man its the whole point to get good at a game HS Mefoo its not racist when its a fact mate HS Mefoo and you explain how Ôits racistÔ HS Mefoo coz mate it really isnt its a fact HS Mefoo Lol and it actually isnt when its a fact gimme your discord lemme pattern you HS Mefoo a little squeaker thinking he know.

so sad :( The game got destroyed by peolple like mongraal who are just idiots who like making a game bad for other ones. ÔWish we could turn back time to the good old days Damn I wish I could experience the simplicity of fortnites early seasons.

That shouldnt be a problem. Is that fearless voice in the 2nd one Back when Fortnite was LEGENDARY (0406) This shit fire dawg no stack on a cap­­ Penguin TheRealLols7 no idea what that is YEETYEETYEETYEETYEETYEETYEETYEETYEET How dare you disrespect ceez he is the king of the YEET. 25 speed You wont regret it THERE NEEDS TO BE A PART 2 WITH MUSELK, THANK U El NOOBIS the day this came out I downloaded it so happy one year for me Ahh the good fortnite ­­­­­ Older than the whole fortnite fanbase Rob M but they changed it so drastically that its basically a new game Oh yeah everything was better,weapons,community, time hits different these days Crazy thing is I cant remember most of those days I just know we must have played squads basically every night for a year straight great times, challenges and ovsrtime Season 4 was one of fortnites best seasons OGSI ISMAIL fully agree except season 7 i didnt like it too much Season 7 give me battle pass so You should respect it, ik hes concentrating but he needs to talk more Only ogs will remember the soda machine ONLY PEOPLE THAT PLAYED IN SEOSON 1 2 3 OR4 CAN LIKE Eho else missed when fortnite swore.

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