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ah man i miss it When it was a fun game to play without sweaty 12 year olds ruining the game for other people and without those random NPCs and events When shotguns actually were good, Im not even playing fortnite. And plus whats annoying is that people keep building fortresses on me when I shoot at them I just dont know why.

I downloaded the song because of it lmao S if you was good with it, pain, most of them were noobs, the good days of fortnite where I would sit in class watching fortnite on twitch. Over half the player base would leave and instead you would get maybe 3 million people from ch 1 and they would leave after a few weeksmonths.

Owen SWatson u spelt H2O wrong its not a zero its an o I think is beater with 1. fortnite Emerald cuz not everyone has 100 to donate and hes a decent person that can appreciate what people have Z0mbi3kill3r305 He means that sometimes he doesnt react to 100 and sometimes he overreacts to 8 Z0mbi3kill3r305 wow you really didnt understand this comment at all Because the 8 are real donation.

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