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but I dont play anymore as the game got boring in season 8. V : Burghard Hagen Meyer THAT I dont speak Spanish Agusdrake :v Parece que tà no, why bring out a blue variant when the game should of stayed with grey and green, those keyboard pressing are intense, but they had to get better to do so, live on the moment because eventually another thing comes and before you know it youll be missing that just like you miss this now, the best thing in the world is to have a friend group that keep on switching to new and different games.

I know this banger and start play fortnite It took you 3 hours to finish that sentence I am a old Fortnite kid Late season 2 I started on my brothers acc he started same time as me I am a kid and you know I did not like what you said I have been playing fighting crime oh what thats not a game Yeah true i was obbsesed with this song Bruh, hitmarkers. Of course he isnt going to get 99 kills, like the ones that dont play arena and only play normal bc they know people are better than them and they want to just feel power, but nice try Every kid in an online game does that BTW, et gotaga seulement 230 ;) 1 player kills, i truly wish i didnt make fun of fortnite for the first two years, next month I turn 17, just jumping around and shooting shotguns I saw this website 2 years ago and now ive goosebumps I just got randomly recommended this website wow, so i can relate Fortnite the game itself is bad and the players who write that what you wrote here.

The game is good now.

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