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No it doesnt, H2ODELERIOUSand FABVL has the best raps in my opinion. Epic games did ruin it. good times Remember when fortnite was good and fun with chill graphics. But its not that mobile And the gameplay is slow Still is pretty fun just not as much Morphine Launcher its not anymore I cam for nostalgia For me it started being bad at start of season 5 Morphine Launcher your not wrong its so shit now and theres not much point In playing this chapter its just everyone is a sweat now Season 1 and 2 when nobody really knew what they were doing and a tall 1 by 1 was intimidating were the days.

what a time this was. Now its a sweatfest and nobody is to be trusted! Epic games just puts skins that are not fortnite related they literally added anime and more stupid stuff to fortnite Now you shooting piole for 23 and 40 damage head shot then someone just one pumps you every time complete bull sh Lmfao the way he 1 shot that default xD Nah they destroyed it in like season 6-10 Its neither actually.

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