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So fun watching you dudes play. This guy actually deserves way more subs than all those team 10 fuckbois combined The clip that made fortnite famous in one night Uggh oh man when I saw a grey pump hit for 200 I felt that Season 1 : pro fortnite Season 2 : still pro fortnite Season 9 : sweaty fortnite Season 11 : sweaty fortnite Wow he got lots of nerf My records is 16 kills on a 1 versus squad (my bro died at the beginning and hes a freaking much better than me i juste got lucky) I feel weird thinking that fortnite had no idea what would be happening to the map till this day­Ę Only 90 percent of people remember when fortnite curses 3:49 play it in Slow Motion He didnt hit the rocket launcher to the ground yet but still got the kill wtf Illuminati confirmed I dont have to watch every second to compliment the vid.

back from chapter 2 end to the next chapter 1Cdn fortnite 2h20 3idk everybody I remember old fortnite I always used to licen to this like this if you miss old fortnite ­ Hell no fortnite is lasttt.

Aah good times. ­­­ CDN is no longer the king of dusty :( rip dusty Mann i really used to listen to this shit ­­ 3:02-3:04 shes way to fast at building Cant believe I listened to this in elementary school somehow. You are more musically than other ones FabvL your were the best one I enjoyed the song Bruh you went hard af with that hook.

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