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Pubg is more competitive imo. He was never the best PUBG player : Best halo player is between ogre 2 and pistola imo Well he wasnt anywhere close to the best halo player so Tony Gonzalez he even got beat by areallygoodnoob in h3 Spencer FFA well hes not the best fortnite player soooo OhItsAidan well youre watching a 3 week old website from him sooo fortnite was maybe the 50th best Halo 3 1v1 player.

I mean these are fortnite fans were talking about. Both of them are insanely good players above human abilities good Im sure there is someone better in fortnite just that he is anonymous MangledFury it because he was playing solo in squad I didnt even realize it was only 83 in the match imagine if it was a full 100 he couldve gotten more Adan Ocampo it could be both ways if there where more people possibly more action which means less kills Yeah the comment was a joke.

Team Rumble shouldnt be permanent We made fun of this game but little did we know that this would be almost nostalgic. P but where is red night NerdOut.

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