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you are so awesome 3 Nyx Flame decent PC if you build is 800-1000 plus it is a PC it does PC things but gpu prices are bad because of cryptos so yeah its expensive but wait a little and it will be ok Nyx Flame you also dont pay for online so if you use for lets say 3 years thats a good 180 dollars saved Nyx Flame final piece games are wayyyyy cheaper Nyx Flame I dont think he could do it on Xbox just not enough buttons The times where we would play fortnite all day every day.

Spoon _SSA you aint the only one it took me like 600 for 1 Wizard Wizard Youre not a professional gamer if you cant spell professional right.

But its a year back. Not people who instantly 90 to the moon when someone shots at them. I cant look at fortnite the same anymore. No one likes beggers For the second.

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