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JiŇ√ Kaminsk√ Honestly what is this ‚I got the kill shot‚ ‚You will die‚ Jane moseling I disliked cause its just not my kind of music and I dont really like it I didnt see a lot of people wearing it Man Nerdout Rap Alway savage it hurt my heart jk nice website here from fortnite livesteam Its been 3 years and I still know all the words 4 years seen a hear this for the first time Lol just came back in December and this is so sad realizing how old this id fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ūūū Then: one person king of dusty now: the nine year olds are king of the whole fkn map They legit kill everybody in the lobby.

I liked halocene and h2o the best but they were all good David Espinoza agreed there old ones were better they better start making Minecraft next lol NerdOut. Viciousness is silly, so I guess the water receding from the map and everything that happened at the end of last season doesnt mean anything.

I dont like Fortnite, next month I turn 17, only the noobscomplainers will get irritated by the planes I never thought I would say I even miss the old burst ū Miss coming home freshman year to play squads I can still remember, fortnite is bored out of his mind And he makes millions of dollars off of it by playing it 247 F Kaskar He was talking about GETTING GOOD AT THE GAME which anyone could if all they had to do every single day is play the fuckin game. But recently it got amazing Why epic noodle more like epic doodle I hate they replaced every good place like paradise,tilted,lazy,fatal,and dusty and literally every other named place I loved the original map Can you tell me one person who asked Eagloman yeah man I started basically season 0 I have all theses good skins like the OG goul trooper then they made it come back Eagloman yes I used to be trash but the game was good now Im good but the game is trash and I play rainbow six siege now Eagloman the game was never good we where just dumber Epic Noodle wtf is wrong with you people enjoy the game why cant u respect that were all diff Just imagine its November you learn about this new game called ‚Fortnite‚ and decide to try it out since its free and no one will be harmed, hes not so much a gaming channel anymore thats just what got him popular.

Shoulda had fe4rless hes a really good sniper Hold up. This inconsistency of weapons can be seen in some weapons like the Shotgun in which the damage is like a roulette or dice throw.

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