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there are too many ai, tryhard and building the empire state building when you get ONE bullet in your direction, you deadass wrote a novel about fortnite B) (Reddit Moment(Upoteplz)) Your probably one of those weirdos that trys in pubs anyway IRippWallz bro I dont try hard at all, youre begging for likes Yeah.

Everyone does that its not even funny The sounds the animations the websiters playing it and many other things Season 5 was different bro you should of played back in season 2 Bro I played it but my parents took my pc from me and so I didnt really experience season 2 I know I just miss this game so much Only the OGs will remember the animation when the enemys died Imagine if this had been a full lobby game 0. Dude, all i have to say is fortnite will never be the same everyone is to good and it wouldnt feel the same even if they did bring it back Here you will witness a fortnite mating call.

Well, every single time I hear it. This website radiates with such good vibes and feelings we will never have again.

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