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No the storyline was till good then and there wasnt that many sweats Anime isnt stupid ­but SOME of the skins are bad. You need to keep pressing the bumper to get there.

That would be so much fun, if I could I would but a time machine to go back and play agaim Life was so much more simple and great then.

Just aim and shoot Its been 3 years this is the best reminder It is so hard to believe what this game is now. This was the first website I saw of fortnite, 41 duo? MetalHead Pikachu PUBG is WAY easier than Fortnite Nathaniel Guerrero well, one of the best from Halo 3 EpicNess_ _Gamer and the best PUBG player Who watch this in and miss the old fortnite and hes dono music I remember og fortnite dont cry because it has ended, i get on with my mate.

Keep up the good work from my ears!­ I miss this good old days where no sweats where near We didnt know we were making memories we just knew we were having fun :( FABVL man.

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