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H2O Delirious verse was the best!. Ez The tips and tricks website would be 10 seconds and all he would say is practice makes perfect Means that i liked it when fortnite cursed and didnt get mad when other people cursed Saim fahad this was when he wasnt family friendly.

Great english there. - This may be cringy but it is history The poeple that are playing this game in will never know these places or skins Your opinion isnt equal to the game being dead lol. ננ I mean fortnite was good but there were heaps of games that topped fortnite in its prime Why the fuck Im i talking If I dont have fortine In total (solo, I miss this era of fortnite soooo much Ah the good old times where solo squad was actually playable Me when I get 10 kills: LETS GOOO!!!!!, but I still like this old song cuz it gives me nostalgia, wich is why i didnt play much at all.

Just comes up on the top of his head SavagePluto 3263 if thats the case, fortnite definitely won Copenhagen 69005 hes the fastest builder he hes better the second best Dude he is awaome and he should have Gavin Piasecki yeah takeout the girls and replace for TSM_Myth TSM_Daequan Add me my rap be TILTED GANG TILTED GANG TILTED JUST WENT ON A KILL CHAIN Wheres the cringey 8 year olds asking where ali a is xD Lol i agree he is top 5 for best fortnite players Watchdog Im pretty sure he ment hr was suppose to be in the vid 360 Flow GamerYT I didnt see hot comment sorry, so how u gonna call me a tryhard.

but thats ok I thought h2Os line woud be im delirious and im so serious GRAB YOUR OFFICIAL NERDOUT MERCH HERE https:www.

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