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The only reason fortnite didnt hit the max headshot damage is because back then there was randomized pellets which meant the pellets could go anywhere in the crosshairs, I couldnt watch the website because I remember those times, it was still kinda fresh then? Deaddy Fazpool sammeee lol tbh he did do really good tho lol love that dude cuz his content lol Deaddy Fazpool low key wonder if he would put this on his chanal I didnt know h20 delirious was In this website this was awesome Deaddy Fazpool I came here for the cringe Jordan Miller fortnite part wasnt that good.

I wish I could just remind everyone that Fortnite is for everyone to have fun and not competitive. What he meant is that everyone is sweaty today. Buy a console or a pc to be better at fortnite and Im only in my teens.

Welp dude if you dont feel the same move to another game thats the thingif you pay attention fortnite talks about double pump Ik ik but i was Reading the comments and there are many comments Hey the visitor your the reason make dusty debot died and you take your rocket and run ­á­ Noooooo­­­­­­­­ The Song can out March tenth so technically the three year mark has already passed and it has been about 5 months and 3 years, the Son of God: 1.

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