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Not even close lol. Different time in my life where I could play this game all day with three mate and if one went off we always had one to cover cos everyone was on this game Then you had that random shot that would do 5 damage First battle royale game i played and it was so entertaining. Everyone misses this.

Me Too it was good but not the best. Oh god what is dis shit Nobody is leaving fortnite they are just complying and being whiners Yes but still its a popular game and had over 150 million players Everyone : Minecraft is better than fortnite Pewdiepie : And thats a fact Really it reminds me when i first met daniel Yup, Im a big adult, so i can relate Fortnite the game itself is bad and the players who write that what you wrote here, I have never won, which again costs cash, ahora puedo decir que juego como fortnite Back when RPGS were actually intimidating.

Was much easier even on high ping.

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