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Friso Koops u have low self esteem, that chorus was great and catchy FabvL I think you did the best Fortnite fortnite lets go I get all night All night fo sho You were my favourite and I love your channel ­ You did so well in the rap battle you were the best rapper FabvL you did a really sick rap I wish I was like you in Fortnite and you are a really good player even tho I did not not watch you play you are a good rapper Fortnite fortnite lets go I get it all night all night for show Those were the best parts of the song You were the best one u did great job Musically.

Lol I for some reason thought it was gonna be a livestream. These enemies are tomato cans compared to the average PC builders of today Harry Rawal mine is one, I wanted to reminisce over when I loved fortnite Loot lake was such a nightmare to get across haha, they dont play for fun they just play Bc theyre addicted.

├poca em que o fortnite era um jogo muito bom!. :thanksdoc:­­­­Ę It was the best game ever releasedÔ ­­­­ ugh I wish Fortnite was still like this Im still upset they removed tilted and all of the og locations, or shooter. I think that getting 10 kills is just normal for fortnite and a big deal for me Clemente Fuentes lol same but i celebrate both Clemente Fuentes me omg same!!!.

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