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Spray Meta, but happy The legend H20Delirious backstabs you from nowhere I loved your part, just people who have gotten better at the game with time, people just need to adapt to the new skill level of players, trust me after about an hour you nail the controls, but the sweaty and toxic players make it feel trash, IM LIKE THAT HAHAHAHA Luca 1893 Kinda reminds me when some people play driving games they tend to turn with the cars themselves Sad how people hate on him.

Now we got aliens in fortnite which is straight dog water Master chief tacs are pretty bad, we miss you old fortnite ננ After all this time this song will always bring such nostalgia and i miss this stage of the game so much, no 90s and quad edits. For what reason is Fortnite so famous! its lowkey crazy that u actually think that. Besides the everyone of these kids are toxic u only find nice players once a month on that game. I just never found it as fun and there were way too many sweats!

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