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my highest was 17 before the map update since then i struggle to get 10 in solos Hate to break it bro, instead it became the biggest fucking sweat fest with literally no time to do anything remotely fun. You are mega good at fortnite. I like how back then you can casually walk into tilted and knowing it will be fun instead of challenging. RIP OG GUNS AND LOCATIONS I have a chapter 1 season 3 account does that count When wholesome chungus is sus andor a convicted felon Im 100 older than you and also play fortnite br day one.

Like rocket league, now its awful, but I still like this old song cuz it gives me nostalgia, except I dont think Im good. The sound settings have gotten worse, but it will probably be all broken down and shit I agree with graphics but idk bout the map the current map is aight but the colors dont look good Thats exactly why we have rift private servers bro Yea but fortnite aint got it like he used to!

Joku FORTNITE SHIT OMG HOW MANY TIMES I GOTTA SAY IT CHRIS BOONE youre not alone bro ­ CHRIS BOONE I guess its hard on console, damn After years I still remember the lyricsÔi miss the good times I remember listening to this 3 years ago and i remembered the whole entire song,ive never heard of this for 3 years,good times WHEN YOU WERE TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS MORE THAN YOUR PARENTS­­.

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