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: i started season 3 IM BEst : i started season 4 lol im more OG THE FROZEN GAMER not funny please stop RaVe X Akimbo u know what ur just one of these people that like to waste other peoples time so im not gonna reply anymore RaVe X Akimbo wats going on am I missing something THE FROZEN GAMER wats that suppose to mean like seriously Im not tranna hate RaVe X Akimbo Im not tranna fight but actually wanna know wat he meant Man like Fadz ik you Ive played a game with I before : Wow this guy can build : CONTROLLER PLAYA RaVe X Akimbo damn bro you got the whole squad laughing Like using cheats pls dont reply back FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs if he played console and he ended up killing me, seria bom para vocs entenderem, the game fucked itself up for the majority of players, purple tacs.

Ive been playing for three months and now I get at least two kills per game. I mean fortnite was good but there were heaps of games that topped fortnite in its prime Why the fuck Im i talking If I dont have fortine In total (solo, not necessarily just the game just having fun messing around with the homies and seeing all the live events fuck man lol The fact we remember all the lyrics just says something about what this game used to be Oh my god, i must be representing all the normal people when i say i like to pretend the nerdout verse doesnt exist Still remember these lyrics biggest flex This song came out like a week before my fifth grade final field trip and our counselor knew the song and then we came back and were on the last day of school then went to sixth grade and corona happened Ridho Alfaathir Nur yep I am his big fan Elite ghost try using grammar next time, I dont sweat.

Also I already stopped playing. Thats why. U know fortnite will die in a year or 2 Yeah right, the thing is when you slide down a mountain you almost died but nowadays you take no damage but it was still so fun I can die happy knowing that i am better than season 3 fortnite Man cant believe its been 2 years since и , I still have fun anyways B) Came in 4 nostalgia.

It is additionally critical to examine with kids how in-game buys are intended to allure them in and burn through cash.

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