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i only love that sound when I am the one whos shooting Eli 101 they sound the same dont they Nah since Fortnite is not fun any more might as well watch website of when it was. My fav Delirious,Cdn,or fortnite NerdOut. Yea but he got permission to use it by Nerd out Sorry but u forgot the most iconic part which is YA YEET after what u said That is a great song, and if they did rhyme he used the same words like dude and time He did rhyme.

They started ruining the game in season 5 and after that the game was pure shit. Theres always a toxic side to someone. It would bring so many people back to the game Jack 27 Yeah i guess youre a lot better Too bad there still going to be a lot of sweaty tryhards It will never be the same cause everyone is bob the builder now 1 trending for Gamingyou would have to make a time machine I feel you but everyone would still be sweaty and it would be most likely the same just different map It hurts to say it but s2 is never coming back because the players are still going to be sweaty Keep in mind we can go back to season 2 and everything.

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