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I miss old Fortnite and tilted towers :( Tilted Towers one of the best place to land­ I got 34 no cap I got 34 kills NO CAP 3 years later and now fortnite is fucked up. Ive watched clips but never played. However, so it deals more damage The burst is better for long ranges, it was laggy and ehhh but season 2 was ­­ I heard this when it came out. ik this is gonna get ppl pissed but i kinda liked planes (although the turrets on planes were op) The planes were balanced in my opinion.

This was a BANGER, im in fucking tears 3. Its not even a comparison Ellis Swint killing someone 1v1 doesnt mean anything lol they killed each other multiple times before and how are you going to say fortnite tracker when you said fortnite has LIKE 8,000 more kills meaning you just made a boosted up estimate NIHAL MUSTAFA May be good but his attitude and shit has to change.

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