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Siiiiiiirrrrrrr No its JUST nostalgia in charter 1 season 1 everyone was hyped Amen brother would do anyone to go back to these days For some reason it wasnt cringe then Yes good times chapter 2 is not as bad When you quit fortnite for 2 seasons now and this gets recommended I dont like cod fortnite USED to be a good game in my opinion better than cod and still. It doesnt even look like Fortnite anymore. the late to most of days coming home from school hoping on the game seeing all your friends online ready to just dive into Titled Towers, but played since season 1 Im a season 2 player I would have got black knight but I bought the battle pass late I played since season 2 but i didnt buy the battlepass edit: i can prove it with wave emote and the umbrella I started in season 2 and i am still here Hasting Rivera free s8 battle pass for free whoooo DeCotiis you are the best sniper ever I love this song and it is season 8 who is hype Fortnite is so trash play something else Hasting Rivera u see the royals knight that dies the worm and waves pretty sure that was me Hasting Rivera I love this its so cool I love the Dakotas Hasting Rivera I am but I suck and Im using my dad phone I started in season four but is season eight now so yeah Thanks, now Im in 6th grade and randomly clicked on it, but as someone who recently picked up the game last season.

I still cant do anything to these guys. My sister thought this was season 10 until she saw old loot XD Dakotaz was lit and CDN3RD was fire ALL THE OGS DROPPED DOWN AT TILTED TOWERS Retail Row Season 9 R.

everything Bro was dropping 32 kills while we were still learning If the game was still like this he could get like a 90 kill win All that success outside of this game and he still enjoys playing it. Sypher is goated, support and fame cuz they never listened to people and what they wanted.

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