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What a awesome song. I was dumbfounded that I didnt die lol. ­­­­­ Ive watched this website over 10 times. Este men haciendo 32 kills y yo no hago ni 2 xdd This was the time when people used their builds to just get around and not fight with it like a minaic Dont be sad because its over smile because it happened 26 kills 6 people left other then him kills them all fortnite:thanks the bus driver 99 people left the game 11:00 oh a no scope, so much more fast and intense and fun Well I dont and wont miss that 55 sniper shot when fortnite was fighting players at loot lake I just miss the old skins.

Your music is awesome guys thanks. When this game was good and fortnite was actually funny with his hilarious rages and more like that­ Bro, youre just longing for the past because you were happier back then. fortnite I would play it if it got better again Piggwu exactly I get at most like 3 or 4 kills per game maybe get into top 10 or top 2 and then lose Flame Dabi I agree because I started season 4 Yeah honestly you should be banned from website.

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