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Um i wasnt hateing bud i was just saying that i like apex better so yeah I was not hateing I like the Dakotaz part because of his soothing deep voice Jesus this song is god damn amazing, if he dies its cause of a troll! Great english there. I appreciate it‚Ôł Belle Kamp oh. He just plugs in or hooks up his xbox controller H2ODelirious I cant believe you ur in the song Lol I love your website and your line H2ODelirious omg XD Your part was amazing!!. Im telling you the game just went on a huge decline since season 5 In my opinion epic had not screw up anything they keeping making updates because they still cared about this game even in this COVID times you just dont like the game because you are tired of losing by‚sweats‚ but people get better at this game over time you cant keep up on them and you can still have fun at this game regardless the ‚sweats‚ Its Been years and i just saw this on my music and it felt like my heart stopped cause i used to listen to this all the time Man Even tho its been 3 almost 4 years i still know ever word they say New fortnite sucks, This is the worst game created, so much memories and this song will never die Man I miss singing this in the party with my friend so much bru makes me feel so much nostalgia Over 4 years ago this song is a classic i hope one day when we are all older they make technology to bring us back to the feeling of og fortnite You probably wont see this but thank you for making this song, good times, fortnite got almost 5x as many kills as I did Biig Bolo lol i get hyped over 2 ū Biig Bolo nope because Im good at building but I suck at aiming Dlovan Taha I have 10 dont worry youll get there I got 6 kills then someone kills me then BAM 4th place Biig Bolo NOOOOO I FREAK OUT WHEN I GET ONE OR TWO Biig Bolo no man i get hyped for 1 kill Lol i get hype over 1 or 2 kills Im so noob the reason Im watching this website is to be like fortnite and be pro Of course me becouse my record is 2 kills Biig Bolo Bro, your absolutely trash.

Hating on your own kind.

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