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I cant even drop 20 kills. I even forgot about bo4 release date and dropped ww2 and cod is the first series I ever played and I love it too. Tfue 33 solo squad without Shields ū The old ninji and old fortnite man I miss those old days This whole game has fortnite best plays I miss the old times. They didnt ruin the game you shouldve known most players was gonna become good because they all practice to get better you should do the same instead of complaining about ‚sweats‚ ruining the game Yes there sweats however they evolved and you didnt Well of course ppl mastered the game in 3 years so what did u expect Him compared to now you can say hes bad How am i a weirdo for having a meme pfp LOL I been hear since chapter 2 season 3 Epic tries to make each season more grand and bigger than the last.

I used to listen to the sound when u pickaxed man for some reason the sounds were way better back them Were not talking abt this fn were talking abt the old fortnite were it was having fun having to sweat and build a hotel in 1 sec just bc they shot you once Man I want them to bring back the old sounds so badly, sweats blame casuals.

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