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And helping Your not but the battle very cool i listens to every one of them Will it kill the map of it dose fortnite ends Yooo dude your guesses are so good you should try the lottery btw i did too Denver Kid58 yea it was crazy blockbuster was in it Me it was cool I ran to tilted and loot lake next game and anarchy the booster Gabe Mcelreath.

Itll never be the same no much how we want it Yep maybe they will bring og map back The only thing i played fortnite on was mobile rip stupid epic games getting banned from apple smh Yeah, when we could hold more than 11 rockets. But because of how fortnite works it seems almost impossible to counter someone whos building at light speed. I agree ever since season 4 I felt like they were changing the game too much and beginning to forgot what made the game popular in the first place the game I play now rocket league the devs Psysonics accurately listen to the community and they havent messed with the game too much only added more maps, fortnuite is rely goo d it calms me down when i overcock my cp Back in the og days when we used to play fortnite all day all night man i miss those days fr I used to listen to this with my earphones and play solos Dont even play the game anymore but man this takes me back I dont really care for rap but this.

God Bless You my friend Gamermax what did he do that was wrong calm down That kid gamermax deleted his comment now I rlly wanna know what it is someone tell me Emma Strawberry wait gamranks was here what did they comment pls someone tell Dustii Santiago what did gamer max say I think he deleted him comment If you really want to know i will post a website about it tomorrow because Internet bullying is no ok !

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