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A good example would be his CoD Extinction website. Why would you still talk about this game it was good 4- 7 Gloatey Thats CrAzY BrO BuT I NeVeR ReMeMbEr AsKiNg Now its too sweaty people play games to reduce stress this game gives more stress Lets drop moisty and get a lot of wood I Hit Clipz dude just stop geez like CHILL!!!! Ill miss old fort it will never be the same Came back on After a couple of years and I still know the song Here after 2 years and I still know the lyrics This game was so good 3 years ago.

And also the lake has much less impact bc it is smaller and you can swim through it. I think both of them have good and bad games Dakotaz is very entertaining and so is fortnite. I agree with most of what the guy originally commented, i was going threw my old phone and i downloaded this in music.

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