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Youre a Legend Daliruios laufh made it the best i missed watchin this Fortnite chapter 1 has better graphics than chapter 2 and 3 Bruh How am i barely hearing this (its because I just search up h20 deli songs lmao) fortnite WAS MY FSAOVIRTE HES MY FAVORITE FORTNITER fortnite HIDE FORTNITE WILL BE REAL IN 22 SECONDS Wow just came back its been a while og days WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!!. The german websiter Redsama got 31 kills in solo vs squad āļāļāāļāļāļāļāļāļāāļ-āļāļāļāāļāļ The map is like my friends aunt it was beautiful but then it got plastic surgery and it went down hill Der RumÃne no hay 300 comentarios en espaÃol Anakin pi I did 93 kills.

The nostalgia brings back so many good memories of bush camping with the boys :) The good ol days, THANK U El NOOBIS the day this came out I downloaded it so happy one year for me Ahh the good fortnite ððððð Older than the whole fortnite fanbase Rob M but they changed it so drastically that its basically a new game Oh yeah everything was better,weapons,community.

For you to say that fortnite was never a good game blows my mind even tho it gets lots of views you saying it wasnt a good game like in your opinion thats fine but everything else im saying no Children are also the most easily influenced people on this planet. I bet you liked it when you first started playing it Factsss.

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