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Tyland 1129 hes definitely up there as one of the best but hes not uncontested at being the best Z Deft oh no, Season 10 is just mechs and all the tryhards went to minecraft, so my english isnt perfect p, that happens to me too, fortnite made this game more popular I remember where I played in season 5 and I was new to the game.

I still know all the lyrics. I play to have fun. Going total sweat, dont mind me I am just trying to find a comment thats from 2 years ago_ fortnite website has more than that much likes Evolution Of Fortnite Players Season 0: Bots Season 1: Trash Cans Season 2: Noobs Season 3: Bad Season 4: Ok Season 5: Decent Season 6: Good Season 7: Pros Season 8: Tryhards Season 9: Sweats Season 10: Insane Season 1 Chapter 2: Literal Gods Watch at 0, feels just like a couple months.

I wish they never stop Its so good to see u back.

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