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bought the battle pass and i got the knights and i got the sparkle specialist too. The people who like this comment are officially before 50M views Ciao tu che stai scorrendo i commenti German websiter name: (Redsama) solo vs squad 31 kills Uh is this guy using a mod or something fortnite u never pin comments Pin it Only season 17 players can like this comment Wtf all first kills were just viewer and stream sniper letting them self get killed Tobias kofman he dose all the time what you talking bout m8 Its because he uses twitch not website he prob uploads the website and turns of comment notifications How u do dat, Battle Royale and hed always find time to play one more game whenever he could.

Miss old fortnite. Srry but thats who I am. I have a strong feeling that we will have the old map back someday, the true competitive FN players dont sweat in public matches.

Nostalgic This website is why rocket launchers were nerfed A simpler time :( everything was so simple and now its just like you cant walk out of a building without having to build a castle fortnite basically killed 13 of the lobby my god Literally its impossible now to do Solo Squads in S6 Im wondering why fortnite was using UOL as building binds. When this first came out it was popping I use to watch this al the time after school Always come back for Ceez verse No matter how much you hate the game we all played it when this banger came out Its sad that none of these players play anymore I remember seeing this pro play but now Im just when I here a foot step: cranks 90s Im on the top of the map Omg I just realized this is the song my camp group used for a talentshow Ceez HD Dakotaz a trio to be messed with, it brings back so many good memories, Texas man ayy man come on home man ayy man dont do me like that man, but if they were to add it to the game now it would be so broken Bruh miss these days life is so depressing now I miss the good old days.

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