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If you are talking about fortnite then its like 6 years old if you count the closed beta Season1 Season2 Season3 Season4 Season5 Season6 Season7 Season8 I starten since end of season 1 I stopped at the end of season 6.

Arbaaz Patwari nerds ha fortnite players should be bullied for dumb acts 12 would be higher but my teammates always take my kills in squads Soaring Eagle48 12 kills is good Bow only people with smart brains can spell.

This brings back some hard nostalgia This game would be masterpiece if it stayed like this Let be honest when this song dropped it was on fire It has been 3 years but i still know the lyrics of this song This song is still LIT , L but you play soooooo gooooooooood Back when it wasnt awkward to tell people you play fortnite fortnite: 32 kills squod I: i happy when i do 8kill Ive never played this game before but its entertaining to watch other people play it lol Back when websiters would always play squad nofill This vid still get comments, a grown-up man playing kids game, and making a username.

MARCELXP1000 I knew that wasnt what you were talking about just wanted to see if you knew what you were saying because it made no sense MARCELXP1000 wow best roast ever 10 years is you XDDD why you comment and why you are here xDDDDD ALEX why do you only have 15 subs but cant get a view Proud Merican all dislikers play that dead game called pubg I dont play pubg or battle royale at all.

I freaking love this!!!

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