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Whos here after 3 years or more just to get og vibes PLSSS GIVE THE TILTED TOWERS BACK! 7 months later 35 mil views I miss the old days the purple shotie 16:49 He ducks irl when he almost got shot Back when fortnite was the best fortnite player I miss this fortnite so much Prime fortnite (chapter 1) is prolly the best game of all time When you die and you feel like you couldve done better He is still one of the best players but there will always be someone that ie better than you.

5 days 4 days 3 days 5 days 4 days I think they might be cancelling it for a another day or two cuz theyre might be some bugs with it and stuff Mate I played season 3 i have take the L  dudeabides12 r u kidding This is the cringiest thing Ive seen in a while I am.

Hope youre doing well Ninj, miss this, no one liked her part. That was before we were getting cranked on by 10 years olds snorting Gfuel Cant believe I remember all the lyrics Honestly, am so proud to be a part of this great big family you never gonna take this away from me were in the delirious army yeah delirious army Coen yeah me but fabvl was good h20 was the best I was singing this randomly and turns out its the 4 year anniversary mad I miss this era of Fortnite we all do Me and the boys used to listen to this song all the time in 3rd grade NGL never heard this but H20 carried IMO Comes back after 1,465 days: Still knows all the lyrics lmfao Dang.

Result: watched it for the 3004453365th time I miss when grey pumps to the head did 220 Whos here thinking about how like the henchmen would drop30 bombs every game if people were still like this Only just found out he privated his sub count, which means it is harder to play with controllers at a high level.

OK not to say Im not but this song makes me feel horrible about myself This is the definition a of a bunch of Gods vs the world NerdOut.

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