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Im now in 3018 season 42 , i cant describe that feeling when u pick up the legendary scare How after 3 years i can literally remmeber every line of this song like wow I remember these sweet times. coming from only playing Battlefield in the past, you on the ground crying, ofc he doesnt know me but dont be a jerk telling me Im bad when you havent even seen me in a game, please explain me how in the world Fortnite is pay to win.

So I take it 14 people landed at tilted fortnite- 32 kills en solo skat TFue-33 kills en solo skat م ب Season 2: 220 with a GRAY pump. It never says how long it just says the past Yeah but who feels nostalgia for something that happened really recently You are talking about fortnite nostalgia while others are talking about Minecraft nostalgia Plus fortnite is a one year old game so its not a game old enough for you to have nostalgia your right im sorry but that is not enough its still not a old game Fortnite was developed around somewhere in 2011 but the game is 3 years old since it came out in Im not a Fortnite fan boy Im a half-life fan boy I remember when the game was simple and enjoyable now its just be a sweat or quit AlexProGG and they wont even give a legendary skin for free but apex does Frost Fangs the legendary skins suck anyways DisasterouslyDonna hell yeah DisasterouslyDonna rynx is vanoss you know Im 100 aware of that.

I miss double pump and I wish it was still season 3 like If u agree Who came from dokotaz Instagram post Fabvl is the best at singing in the rap he is sick Like if you agree I showed this to my dad and he hit me Who thinks fortnite will destry myth in a fight You noscope I quick scope as he noscope s someone I remember when I actually thought this was good but now no i guess because i hate this game Yep i used to get high kill games with double pump but now smg and pump and i dont like it that much.

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